Bob Crow has returned to the speaker’s platform after taking time to work on his book, to do some contractual speech writing and being involved in national politics.
Electing not to practice law, Bob Crow has always pursued multiple careers in finance, politics, television, speech writing and public speaking… simultaneously.

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Bob Crow resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

Recent Press Releases

Doing The Right Thing!
Is morality only whatever we want it to be? Is there no such thing as right and wrong?  Can one live with one set of morals for work and one for ones’ private life?  Character has sometimes been defined as doing the right thing when nobody is watching! Bob Crow’s rapier sharp wit and sometimes-acerbic tongue always leave his audiences wanting more!


Problem Solving In Real Time! 
Leaders don’t have the luxury of Monday morning quarter backing. Leaders must solve problems in real time!  Leaders must neither seek nor avoid confrontation. They must look for answers in different places than they have looked in the past. They have learned that applying the same solutions to the same problems will yield the same predictable results.

Change Your Thinking  – Change Your Life!
Where one finds oneself today is a result of yesterdays thinking. For our tomorrows to be richer, fuller and more prosperous than yesterday, one must change ones thinking and look for opportunities where one hasn’t looked before. The trouble with blind spots is we don’t know we have them!  Bob delivers this speech with great insight – his listeners are often on their feet.  Many declare it to be a life changing experience!
Going The Distance!
If you do what you don’t want to do when you don’t want to do it…. someday you will be able to do what you want to do when you want to do it! It doesn’t matter how far you travel, how great the effort or how much energy you spend if you aren’t willing to go the entire distance!